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Configuring cups printing service on Guix

Service configuration on GNU Guix [1] is quiet different compared to mainstream Linux distribution. In this post, I address the process of configuring the cups printing service on Guix.

Activating cups as a service

The first step is to configure the system to use the cups package as a service. For this, you need to modify your system configuration file at /etc/config.scm. Find the line starting with (use-service-modules and include cups into the service modules list:

(use-service-modules desktop networking ssh xorg cups)

Then, under the (operating-system entry, search for the line starting with (services. This entry should contain a list of services. Add (service cups-service-type) to the latter:

      (list (service gnome-desktop-service-type)
            (service openssh-service-type)
                (keyboard-layout keyboard-layout)))
             ;; This is the line associated with the 'cups' package.
            (service cups-service-type))


The last step is to tell cups how to contact the printing server by providing it with the server's address and your user name. In your home directory, create a directory named .cups. Finally, create a client.conf file inside the latter. This configuration file should look like follows.

Note that, in this case I take the example of the printing server at Inria and a user identified by jdoe.

User jdoe

Finally, restart your computer!


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