Marek Felšöci


After my first lecture in 2019, I came to enjoy teaching and I continue to give lectures while working on my Ph.D. thesis. So far, I gave 189 hours of lectures.

Faculty of Computer science, University of Bordeaux

Compilation (48h)

For the last year of my Ph.D. I was really happy to be assigned with the practical lectures in compilation. I was truly in my element!

Digital skills and communication methods (13h)

I gave only several hours of practical lectures of beginner's digital skills to the 1st year Bachelor's degree students. The idea of the course is to prepare the students to pass the national PIX fr.png certification at the end of semester.

Databases and web applications (32h)

In spring 2021, I was giving theoretical and practical lectures of relational databases and web applications in the 1st year of Bachelor's degree.

Object oriented programming (32h)

In autumn 2020, I was giving practical lectures of object oriented programming in Java in the 3rd year of Bachelor's degree.

All the information about the course as well as the teaching materials are available online fr.png.

Lycée Sainte-Famille Saintonge, Bordeaux

Introduction to programming in C (64h)

During both the autumn and the spring semesters of 2019/2020, I was teaching programming in C language to the students of Brevet de technicien supérieur (BTS) - senior technologist's certificate in computer science.

Given that it was the first year of this curriculum in the institution, I was also brought to propose an education plan, prepare the courses as well as exercices and exams. The coronavirus crisis made my work even more difficult as most of the lectures of the second semester had to be done remotely. Nevertheless, it was a very valuable experience!

The teaching materials, exercices, exam and project assignments are available online fr.png.


The total number of hours I tought so far appearing in the very first paragraph of this page is dynamically determined during the export of this page to HTML thanks to the code block below.

;; Set up a counter of teaching hours.
(setq teaching-hours 0)

(defun count-teaching-hours-at-heading ()
  ;; Extract the number of teaching hours from a headline using pattern
  ;; matching.
  (let ((heading (org-element-property :title (org-element-at-point))))
     (string-match "\(\\([0-9]+\\)h\)$" heading)
     (setq teaching-hours
           (+ teaching-hours (string-to-number (match-string 1 heading)))))))

;; Call the extraction function on all the headings of level 2 in the current
;; buffer.
(org-map-entries #'count-teaching-hours-at-heading "LEVEL=2" nil)

;; Print out the result.
(print teaching-hours)

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