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Creating website and blogging in Org mode

Published on 24/09/2020 by Marek Felšöci (updated on 11/02/2024)

I discovered the power of Org mode when I started to work on my Ph.D. thesis which is being entirely written in Org mode too. Indeed, one can easily export an Org mode document to an HTML page or a PDF document typeset in LaTeX. Recently, I committed myself to overhaul my personal website and decided to produce it using Org. So, in this post, I detail the whole process step by step.

Configuring cups printing service on Guix

Published on 20/12/2020 by Marek Felšöci (updated on 18/08/2022)

Service configuration on GNU Guix is quiet different compared to mainstream Linux distribution. In this post, I address the process of configuring the cups printing service on Guix.

Installing Python modules on Guix

Published on 20/12/2020 by Marek Felšöci (updated on 18/08/2022)

On GNU Guix, software binaries are stored under /gnu/store/ which is a read-only file system. Therefore, when installing a Python module, such as gcvb, simply invoking pip install does not work as it can not access the Python directories in /gnu/store/ for writing. In this post, I tackle all the issues faced during the installation of the gcvb benchmarking module but, it may help you install other Python modules as well.

Facing issues while installing Guix

Published on 20/12/2020 by Marek Felšöci (updated on 18/08/2022)

I have recently performed a clean installation of the GNU Guix Linux distribution on a new laptop computer. During the setup process, I have experienced some serious issues. In this post, I investigate their causes and propose methods for fixing them.

Using AddressSanitizer (ASan) in a CMake project

Published on 17/07/2021 by Marek Felšöci (updated on 18/08/2022)

AddressSanitizer (ASan) is a memory error detector for the C and C++ languages. It has been included in compilers such as GCC and Clang for quite some time now. Although the official Wiki page provides a very straightforward guide on how to use ASan in a general case, I could not find a good example of ASan being used in a CMake project. This is what this post is about.

Installing proprietary firmware on Guix

Published on 20/12/2020 by Marek Felšöci (updated on 18/08/2022)

GNU Guix is an open-source Linux distribution and the Linux kernel version it uses does not allow to load proprietary firmware by default. Although, it is possible. In this post, I explain how to get work proprietary firmware on Guix.

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